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Don Jr. Weirds Out Twitter After He Gleefully Imagines Liberals Being Injected With His Dad's Blood

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

President Donald Trump catching the virus after months of downplaying its seriousness has brought out the stranger side of many of his supporters.

The President's son, Don Jr., for instance, made Twitter do a double take by happily daydreaming about liberals being injected with his father's blood.

How many sons go around fantasizing about injecting other people with their dad's blood?

Conservatives all over Twitter followed Don Jr.'s lead, gleefully imagining how much liberals would hate being injected with the President's blood.

It should, of course, be noted that the President's blood doesn't become a cure for the virus even after a recovery.

Non-MAGA Twitter was profoundly weirded out by the conservatives who were using blood injection as some sort of... revenge? Comeuppance? Cult blood ritual?

Ill Americans generally don't care about the source of their treatment.

Like when Trump was treated with something derived from stem cells which are a big no-no according to his "pro-life" base.

For better or for worse, there's nothing quite like conservative Twitter and their fantasies about liberals.

It's weird this has to be said but, Don Jr., please stop getting so excited about injecting your father's blood into people.