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Don Jr. Blasted After Awkwardly Mocking His Girlfriend To Her Face In Their Cringey Christmas Video


Kimberly Guilfoyle may have given one of the most alarming and stressful speeches of the 2020 Republican National Convention, but that didn't warrant the belittling behavior she experienced at the hands of her boyfriend Donald Trump Jr. in their Christmas video.

Don Jr. said:

"I'm reasonably thankful for Kimberly."

Then he began pivoting at warp speed into abusive territory.

"Maybe not so much. ... I've managed to maintain a very low bar with Kimberly. I don't want her to get too big an ego, accustomed to kindness...I want to keep her tough."

People are pretty confused Trump Jr. got away with this in front of Guilfoyle.

After all, who talks about their romantic partner like this?

Guilfoyle's smile doesn't move and her eyes seem to glaze over.

It's unclear if he tried to insult her on purpose or if this was his idea of a clumsy joke.

Either way, people really don't know what to make of the video as a whole.

The video also furthered speculation Don Jr. might have a drug problem.

Whatever the case, this video is at best a cringe-fest. We hope your holiday was less awkward.