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Don Jr. Blames Lighting For Making Him Look Like He Was High On Cocaine During His RNC Speech

Don Jr. Blames Lighting For Making Him Look Like He Was High On Cocaine During His RNC Speech
ABC News/YouTube

If you've been anywhere near the internet this week, you've likely heard the theories that the President's son Donald Trump Jr. was high on cocaine during his speech at the Republican National Convention.

From his delivery to his seeming "cocaine eyes," as the internet called them, so many people talked about his speech in this manner that "cocaine" trended on Twitter Monday evening.

Well, never mind everyone, because Don Jr. went on Fox News to explain the whole thing: Turns out, it was just a lighting problem and anyway it's Hunter Bidenwho's on coke. So there!

Trump Jr.'s comments came during an appearance on Fox & Friends when host Steve Doocy asked him about his "glassy-eyed" appearance. Trump Jr. responded:

"I guess there must have been something with the lighting."

He then moved on to accusing one of the right's favorite bugaboos, Joe Biden's son Hunter, of being a cocaine addict.

"They started doing this trending thing — 'Donald Trump Jr.'s on cocaine' and all of that — I said, no no no. You have me confused with Hunter Biden."

Even Steve Doocy seemed a bit shocked by the comment about Biden's son, who does have a history of addiction, which caused him to be discharged from the Navy Reserve in 2013.

Trump then chalked the cocaine story up to Democrats not being able to come up with a better critique of his speech.

"It was pretty ridiculous. When they can't attack the delivery, when they can't attack the substance, they gotta attack something."

Whatever you say, Jr.

On Twitter, people were not buying Trump Jr.'s story in the least.

Trump Jr. went on to castigate those he called "woke Hollywood-ites," in particular actress and singer Bette Midler, who tweeted jokes about Melania Trump and Trump Jr's girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, whose bizarre RNC speech has also been a fixation of the internet this week.