Doctor's Blunt Suggested Response For Shutting Down A Friend In Crisis Is Getting Roasted Hard

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You would think an academic specialized in human sexuality would have a little bit more compassion for mental health, but alas, we cannot assume anything about anybody.

Dr. Melissa Fabello is getting roasted for a clinical reply she offered to a friend in crisis when her friend texted her the following:

She then outlined the baselines for communication back with the friend.

She acknowledged the good things:

But then outlined a template for a dismissal text:

And people immediately began roasting her.

On a few things.

One of which being the phrase "emotional labor."

Also, it turned into a copypasta rather quickly.

Copypasta: a block of text copied and pasted across the internet by individuals through online forums and social networking websites.

The internet certainly has an affinity for taking something ridiculous and memeing it at the speed of light.

In a culture where emotions have become synonymous with work and capital, have we gone too far?

Was the doctor right to ask for space and time, but maybe a bit too cold in the response?

The book Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle is available here.

"Emily Nagoski [and] her twin sister, Amelia, teamed up to write about how to combat stress, and they have a gift for making the self-help genre not make you want to poke your eyes out." ~ Cup of Jo

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