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WWII Soldier Thought To Have Been Lost At Sea Gets Laid To Rest 75 Years Later, Thanks To DNA Testing

@WMUR9 video/Twitter

A New Hampshire Marine who went missing during World War II has finally been identified an laid to rest, courtesy of DNA testing.

Sergeant David Quinn was buried with military honors at his family's plot in Temple, New Hampshire on Saturday. His remains were interred in Hawaii since 1943, but were previously unidentified. Thought to have been lost at sea for 75 years, DNA testing confirmed Quinn's identity, and his family received some much needed closure.

Quinn's Great-Great-Grand-Nephew, Captain Michael Seabolt, is also a Marine and has been stationed in Hawaii. Speaking to WMUR, Seabolt described the Marines as a family that transcends generations.

"The Marine Corps is a family on its own...And to be able to escort not only another Marine home but an actual family member of mine is a tremendous and amazing experience."

Ruth Quinn, Quinn's sister-in-law, talked about her memories of the fallen soldier during the brief time she knew him, before he was deployed. "He was very handsome and very popular, with everyone and we named our son for him," Quinn recalled.

"Like everyone said it's kind of sad but we're so happy. I am especially because his parents were upset more because he was lost at sea and to think we now have him back, I think would've meant a lot to them."

Quinn married his sweetheart before he was deployed, and his wife described in a letter that "they saw more happiness in their four months of marriage than some do in a lifetime."

Twitter loves a feel-good story, and hearts poured out to Quinn's family and community. A grateful country thanks Quinn for his service and sacrifice in the name of freedom.