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TikToker Floored To Discover Unhoused Man Is Living In Her Apartment—And She Had No Idea

TikToker Floored To Discover Unhoused Man Is Living In Her Apartment—And She Had No Idea

A woman said she discovered a unhoused man had been living in her apartment in Tucson, Arizona without her knowledge.

On the day she found out she wasn't home alone, TikToker decarahh said she received an email from her building manager warning tenants of a homeless person who was wandering around the premises.

“No shock. This has happened before,” said decarahh, adding, “We supposedly live in these ‘luxury apartments,’ but these homeless people don’t give a f'k in Tucson.”

You can watch her story in the video below.


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After reading the email, she went about her day by going to the gym and purposely left the door unlocked out of habit because she had been living with roommates who were usually home.

However, her roommates recently moved out and she had been living alone ever since.

When she returned from seeing a friend at the gym that day, she checked her email again and saw that the building manager updated tenants explaining that the "homeless person" was never found.

The manager also reminded everyone to keep their doors locked, which instantly raised alarm for our TikToker.




Because she lived in a four-bedroom/four-bath apartment that was empty to her knowledge, she decided to do a quick apartment check after reading the email.


"I about sh*t my pants," she said after she checked one of her roommates' doors and found it locked.


To conclude the first video, she said her instinct was just to return and sit on the living room couch. She added that she could hear movement in the room.

In a follow-up clip, she said went to investigate the mystery tenant situation after hearing snoring behind the door.

But when she suddenly heard the doorknob jiggling, she said she was "paralyzed with fear" and was "stuck in the hallway" like a character in a horror movie.


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When she reached out to friends, she was informed by a neighbor to just leave the apartment.

Before she heeded the advice, she yelled to the new occupant in the room:

“Hey, if there’s anybody in here, I’m literally leaving for five minutes. Just please leave.”

She went downstairs to the lobby and waited for another friend to arrive. As the two attempted to go back to the apartment together, the unhoused man emerged from the elevator, and the TikToker knew who it was.

“It’s like ‘our’ homeless man,” she said.

“I call him ‘our’ because he’s ours. He’s like literally always around this f'king building all the time, and he also chased my roommate in our garage the other day.”


Even though she still has three months left on her lease, the TikToker's parents understandably urged her to leave immediately.

But she said she refused to let the "homeless win."

"I sound like a f'king conservative White man,” she continued.

“I literally can’t stand homeless people right now. I’m so upset.”

Hopefully, this disturbing turn of events will remind everyone to always leave their doors locked. You just never know who will seize the opportunity for a careless invitation.