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Devon Sawa Found Himself On A Very Eerie Flight For The 20th Anniversary Of 'Final Destination'

The movie Final Destination played a larger role in many people's fear of flying than they'd care to admit. Now, 20(ish) years after its release, star Devon Sawa was boarding a plane when he noticed something ominous about his flight number.

He was boarding the plane on March 17th, the 20th anniversary of Final Destination. His flight number? 3/17.

Twitter knew that the coincidence wasn't an innocent one.

The signs continued to pile up even after Sawa sent his tweet!

Given the evidence at hand, all reasonable people agreed: GET OFF THE PLANE!

Literally everywhere people looked, there were terrifying signs!

Some celebrities responded to Sawa, but were more concerned with the timeline than any danger he may have been in.

Sawa's fans began carefully tracking his progress to help make sure he was safe...

But, in the end, everything turned out ok. It seems Sawa has cheated death...

...for now.