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Someone Decided Democrats Need 'Blue MAGA' Hats—And The Internet Is Having None Of It

Someone Decided Democrats Need 'Blue MAGA' Hats—And The Internet Is Having None Of It

"Make America Great Again," or "MAGA," is a clear symbol of Trumpism.

Those blindingly red hats with the slogan on them are so recognizable that there has been a cultural movement in response to the slogan: slogans such as "Make America Gay Again" or "Make Donald Drumpf Again" have emerged as counter-protests to the secessionism of Trump.

However, it's not a symbol liberals have adopted as a counterstance uniformly. Though someone recently tried to make that into an option.

The hats, which are blue and say "Made America Great Already," seem like a feeble attempt to take back the phrase from Trump's followers, and hold some serious traces of the cult of personality that have defined Trump's presidency and supporters.

Trump's supporters were often very loud and vocal about their support for him; waving MAGA flags in their front yards, or on their clothing and bumper stickers.

The left, conversely, has avoided such symbols in their political campaigns, preferring instead to focus on policy.

Meanwhile, Biden's motto-"Build Back Better," seems to stand in stark contrast to the idea of MAGA: While MAGA implies some sort of tie and longing for the past, "Build Back Better" specifically focuses on the future.

"I don't think you can ever have an honest politics that revolves around the word again," former Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg would often say on the campaign trail.

Buttigieg would go on to endorse Biden.

The hats have been universally panned from people who voted for the Biden/Harris ticket.

Hopefully the "fad" of Blue MAGA will never catch on and simply be a small mistake relegated to the archives of December 2020.