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Delivery Driver Gets Caught Up In High-Speed Chase And Takes Down Suspect Without Ever Dropping The Pizza

Delivery driver Tyler Morrell managed to help police apprehend a high-speed chase suspect in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, without ever dropping the pizza he was holding.

screenshots delivery driver and suspect's arrest
6abc Philadelphia/YouTube

A Pennsylvania pizza delivery driver was simultaneously hailed a hero and dedicated employee after he literally stepped in to help the police catch a suspect during his delivery.

And he did it without dropping the pizza.

Tyler Morrell, who works for Cocco's Pizzeria in Brookhaven, witnessed a high-speed car chase on the neighborhood street that happened to be a part of his route.

When the suspect fled on foot after emerging from the crashed vehicle he had allegedly stolen, Morrel stuck his foot out as the suspect ran towards him.

As a result, the suspect took a major stumble and allowed the police to catch up and apprehend him.

Not only did Morrell save the day, but he also managed to complete his delivery of the pizza he was holding during his act of heroism.

And it was all captured on a home surveillance camera.

You can watch a news report in the clip below.

Brookhaven police said they were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle just after 3:30 pm.

The car crashed on Preston Street in Middletown Township located in Bucks County, where Morrell happened to be walking up to a residence to drop off the food order at the same time.

When Morrell saw the suspect running in his direction, his instinct was to intervene, even though his hands were tied.

Morrell said:

"I started walking towards the road and couldn't do anything with my hands so I stuck my leg out."
"I'm sick of seeing crime like that going on especially half a mile down the road so I was just ready to step up and if they needed a hand, I was there."
"Or a foot. Whatever"

The police managed to catch both suspects involved, including the one who took the tumble.

They are currently facing several unspecified charges.

Brookhaven Police Chief Michael Vice spoke to 6 ABC and said of Morrell:

"He gave us the help we needed which gave us the time to catch up to the gentleman."
"In this case, this guy ultimately saved the day and from what I hear the pizza was saved as well."

Looking back, our sharp crime-fighter commented:

"I didn't know how I was going to play a role in the whole thing, but I knew I was in the middle of the movie."