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Guy Accuses John Cusack Of Being Fair-Weather White Sox Fan To His Face—And Cusack Fires Back Hard

Guy Accuses John Cusack Of Being Fair-Weather White Sox Fan To His Face—And Cusack Fires Back Hard

A correspondent for Barstool Sports—a pop culture and sports news media outlet—recorded what he thought would be his "gotcha" conversation with actor John Cusack about being a fair-weather Chicago White Sox fan.

But suburban Chicago (Evanston) native Cusack was not having any of it.

Since Cusack's starring role in the baseball movie Eight Men Out, he's shared his support for both his hometown clubs—the Chicago Cubs and the White Sox.

Dave Williams—also know as "White Sox Dave" of Barstool Chicago—interrogated Cusack over his love for both teams and essentially demanded he pick a side.

The viral video reaching 2.7 million views showed Cusack grilling Williams on his own knowledge of the team.

You can see the video here:

Cusack said:

"You can't tell me where I can go."
"I can like whoever I want."

Cusack asked him if he knew who the first basemen was in 1983, which Williams guessed wrong. He seemed to catch Williams off guard.

Cusack said:

"This proves your ignorance."

Williams said:

"Half the fun about being a fan is being miserable."

Williams pressed on, trying to assert you can only root for one Chicago team.

Cusack's final response:

"We'll have to agree to disagree."

As the two walked away, Williams was left throwing his hands up yelling, "It sticks!"

Seemingly defeated, Williams announced:

"He's banned."
"He's number one on my banned list."

This wasn't the first time Williams decided to throw Cusack on the "White Sox Bandwagon" banned list. Back in June of this year he wrote a blog post for Barstool Sports about it, but at that point he was only listed as number 10 on Dave's list.

The two then decided to take the feud to Twitter.

Cusack has since deleted some of his responses after actress Patricia Arquette and others called the exchange childish.


Cusack responded:

"I wanted to make sure you were finished being barbecued—You silly pathetic little troll."
"Go back to your mom's house and regroup."


Cusack came back with:

" Funny I was right in your face—and you backed away and cowered like a whiny little boy with your gotcha self own."
"I'll check you for yr balls next time—but you don't have any son—meantime u go blow someone else—cause I'm just not into you."

Cusack has since deleted a response to Patricia Arquette as well.

He posted:

"You know what's bad, Patricia, a bad example?"
"When a belligerent sweaty A**hole invades yr personal space with foul breath—spewing childish gibberish—when yr supporting yr city & enjoying a baseball game—he really is a foul little boy—behavior has consequences."

And he followed up with:

"- the POiNT. Is. This dude is a don jr type—an ignorant little f*ck—sweating talking sh*t and trying to use a grown man he doesn't know for click bait—f*ck him."


Cusack may have won the argument, but he did go on a bit of a Twitter tear.

Maybe he'd like to just enjoy America's pastime without being hounded by someone seeking internet clout.