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Ted Cruz Just Tried To Shame A Reporter Into Investigating Obama, And It Instantly Blew Up In His Face


Texas by way of Canada GOP Senator Ted Cruz tried to support a conspiracy theory on Twitter.

He was quickly shut down.

Amid the public health crisis that has killed over 100,000 Americans, President Donald Trump took the time to Tweet about "Obamagate".


Obamagate is a conspiracy theory that Trump has been pushing for years against former President Barack Obama.

He has never specified what it actually entails.

MSNBC analyst and editor of The Recount John Heilemann attempted to set the record straight.


Since Trump brought up Obamagate, Heilemann tweeted at the President asking for details. Trump has left the public in the dark about exactly what crimes Obama allegedly committed, always refusing to give specifics to reporters.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz decided to step in on the conversation.


Cruz has become a loyal supporter of Trump, despite their past rivalry during the 2016 presidential election and Trump's insulting remarks about his wife, Heidi Cruz.

Cruz has also been the target of Trump's conspiracy theories. In 2016, the then presidential nominee claimed that Cruz's family participated in the Kennedy assassination.

In response to Cruz's tweet, Heilemann poked fun at their past conflicts.


Others began tearing into Cruz, pointing out the many ways Trump has disrespected Cruz, his wife and his family.






People also pointed out that journalists have tried to find out the facts, but that Trump can't seem to provide any.






Cruz has not replied to any of the jabs aimed at him.

Trump, for his part, later implied that Obamagate may involve "warrantless surveillance." However, Trump's administration has been the one urging the National Security Agency (N.S.A) amp up its surveillance program.