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Ted Cruz Whines That Smugglers 'Taunted' Him At The Border—And Twitter Hilariously Pounced

Fox News

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas recently took a fear-mongering trip to the southern U.S. border to try and convince his constituents there's a dangerous crisis unfolding there.

While being interviewed at the border, Cruz claimed he had been "taunted" by smugglers on the Mexican side of the border.

To hear Cruz tell the story, it was a harrowing experience.

Though no taunting was actually caught on video, Twitter doubted whether any amount of mockery constitutes a crisis.

Many on Twitter responded to Cruz's fear of taunting with yet more taunting.

A fair number of Americans even took responsibility for the dreaded taunting.

Online, many are still making fun of Ted Cruz for fleeing to Cancun, Mexico while his state suffered through a winter storm crisis.

There's nothing quite like a fierce taunting to make one's life flash before their eyes.

If Ted Cruz was trying to avoid being taunted, he should have thought of that before mentioning his taunting live on the air.