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Courteney Cox Shows Off Her Sushi-Inspired 'Alabama Roll'—And It's...Certainly Something


Former star of the hit show Friends Courteney Cox shared quite the interesting video on her social media recently.

She compared what she called the "Alabama Roll" (an homage to her home state) to the popular sushi roll we know as a California Roll.

Holding up a plate of sushi to the screen, Cox starts:

"This is a California roll."
"We didn't have these where I grew up, but we did have..."

Laid out on the table we see Boar's Head maple honey turkey, Havarti cheese slices, Fritos, light mayonnaise, yellow mustard and Avocado.

Definitely not the ingredients for a sushi roll.

Laying the turkey down first, Cox layers the ingredients down one by one and then begins to roll the turkey up with everything packed inside. Proudly, she dubs her creation the "Alabama Roll."

Cox cuts it in half and jokes:

"It's more of a hand roll than a cut roll, but Nobu should definitely put it on their menu."

As wild as it is to compare cold cuts from Alabama to Japanese cuisine, people really seemed to enjoy it.












A few people mentioned Cox's former character, Monica, who was an acclaimed chef on the show Friends.






So, what would go into your home state's faux sushi roll?