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Couple Show Off Their Epic Dance Moves At Their Anniversary Party In Viral Video That Has The Internet Cheering

The couple's niece said they were the life of every party (Namaah, Twitter: @thehappyn00dle)

A couple have gone viral after breaking out the dance moves at their 25th anniversary party.

Mohan Lal, 53, and Bharti Mohan, 47, were caught on camera by their niece Namaah.

Her uncle is her dad's younger brother and is married to her mother's younger sister.

Namaah said: “They met for the first time on July 7, 1989, when my uncle accompanied my dad when he went to ask for mother's hand in marriage.

“So this party was their 25th wedding anniversary and the 30th anniversary of them first meeting.

“They are both wonderful and the life of every party.

“My uncle's signature dance is a family jewel."