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Contaminated Funeral Food Has Killed At Least 9 People And Sickened Dozens More In Peru

Contaminated Funeral Food Has Killed At Least 9 People And Sickened Dozens More In Peru
Times of Oman

On Tuesday, at least nine people died as a result of eating contaminated food at a funeral in a small town the Andes mountains.

At least 12 others are seriously ill after eating the food that is thought to contain chemicals found in pesticides.

Those who fell ill were transferred from their small, 200 person village of San Jose de Ushua to a rural hospital in Ayacucho.

INDECI (National Institute of Defense) tweeted on the matter.

"In the next few minutes, an airplane with 15 health professionals from MINSA, SAMU and INDECI will depart from Lima towards Ayacucho to transfer four people in serious condition after intoxication. -
Jorge Chavez Cresta, Chief of the INDECI

They also provided a supplementary monitoring report and response actions.


Here is the final report in the document.

The Regional Health Directorate of Ayacucho reported that:
- Injured people have been receiving care at the Hospital de Apoyo de Pauza, District of Pauza, Province of Sara Sara.
- Ambulances from nearby districts moved to the area in order to move injured people
- The transfer of injured persons to establishments of health of greater resolutive capacity.
- Cora Cora Health Network staff travel to the Hospital de Apoyo de Cora Pauza, in order to join emergency care

It was later updated with this Tweet.

6 patients from Arequipa were transferred to Lima. They were evacuated from Pauza - Ayacucho. Here the complementary report of # COEN with the list of deceased people and people affected by poisoning

Peruvians find the incident to be highlighting some of the country's problems.

Massive poisoning in Ayacucho and there is no hospital in conditions to respond to the emergency. Then, patients are transferred to Arequipa and it turns out there are not enough beds. Public health in our country and the efficiency of our State, reflected in a single episode.

The hospitals of the MINSA in Arequipa are falling apart, the authorities know it but nobody cares about giving the tools to provide a suitable health service.

It's always the same story. The hospital in Ayacucho was left halfway rebuild ... the regional president Oscorima was in jail, left or follows PR. And in Ayacucho nothing happens! Only those who can bring their sick relatives to Lima survive.

Others around the world are worried for a similar incident in their home countries.

But mostly people are sharing their sympathy for those involved.

Yesterday, INDECI posted about another insecticide poisoning in La Mantanza, Piura.

Watch a report on the incident here.

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