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Conservative Minnesota Mayor Arrested After Calling Police 'F*cking Dinks' During Traffic Stop Incident

Lakeland PBS/YouTube

Mayor Fred Heidmann of Nisswa, Minnesota has a long history of courting controversy with ill-advised, often racially-charged comments.

On Tuesday, September 1, however, he was arrested for pushing his vitriol a bit too far at the absolute wrong moment.

After seeing a pair of police officers searching a car, Heidmann began an angrily confrontation which culminated in his calling the officers a couple of "f*cking dinks." The officers then arrested the Mayor.

Nisswa Mayor Arrested for Involvement in Traffic Stop

Twitter couldn't help but snicker at Heidmann's misfortune.

Heidmann reportedly approached the officers angrily, snapping:

"You guys are emptying his f*cking car out on the road. What the hell are you guys up to? Don't you guys have something better to do, like patrol the goddamn streets?"

The officers asked Heidmann to leave, but he still had some choice words to share.

"You know what? I'm the mayor of this f*cking town, and you guys get the hell off our highway out here."
"You'd think up in this area we'd have some decent f*cking cops. You're as bad as the f*cking dinks down in Minneapolis."

Heidmann then left the scene as the officers asked, only to return later with more harsh words, at which point the officers arrested him.

The Mayor told The Dispatch he was worried "what impression this was making with the hundreds of vacationing families going by seeing what appeared to be tourists having their goods rifled through."

Many online called for Heidmann's resignation.

It seems Heidmann's public image has been ever so slightly tainted.

It seems these officers weren't swayed by Heidmann's mayoral powers.

This incident serves as yet another reminder that you should never call anyone "f*cking dinks." It's just rude!