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Connecticut Barbers Save Toddler From Running Into Oncoming Traffic Just In The Nick Of Time

Two barbers at a barbershop in East Hartford are being hailed as heroes for their quick action after noticing a toddler outside running down the street toward a busy intersection.

YouTube screenshots of barbers running after toddler
WFSB 3/YouTube

Two barbers at a barbershop in East Hartford are being called heroes after springing into action when they noticed a toddler running down the street into oncoming traffic.

One of the employees of LookSharp Barbershop, Osvaldo Lugo, told People that on April 10, his coworker Rafael Santana looked out the barbershop window and saw a toddler running down the street toward a busy intersection.

Lugo recalled:

"When he mentioned seeing a child I was concerned."
"Once I looked and saw the top of the baby’s head, the only thought in my head was run after her."

Surveillance footage shows the toddler running outside the barbershop. As soon as the employees noticed, they immediately took action.

You can watch below.

Barbers save young girl from wandering into busy

Lugo later told KABC that as soon as they realized what was happening, he and Santana dropped everything and ran out the door.

"I was right in the middle of the haircut."
"My reaction is like, 'Oh, my God! What just happened?'"

In a Facebook post, the East Hartford Police Department commended the barbers for their bravery and quick response.

“Today, we want to give a massive shoutout to the quick-thinking and brave duo, Osvaldo Lugo and Rafael Santana of LookSharp Barbershop."
"Thanks to them, a potential tragedy was averted, and a family remains whole. We’re incredibly grateful for these everyday heroes among us!”

According to the Facebook post, the toddler had gotten away from her mother.

New Haven Register reported that the toddler's mother was located at a nearby bus stop.

Lugo said:

"When we found the mother, the reunion was silent and meaningful.'
"The mother looked at me with embarrassment but at the same time thankful."

Lugo himself shared the footage to his Instagram account, adding text overlay that read:

"Thankfully not today!"

He wrote in the caption:

"This was a scary experience, I’m still a little shaken up!"

People on social media applauded the barbers for their bravery and shared their relief that the child was safe thanks to them.

Lugo said he is still getting used to being called a hero, but he hopes the story will inspire others to take action when they notice a person in need.

"Being labeled a hero — it’s unreal."
"Doing the right thing when nobody’s looking rather than turning [your] attention away."
"Sometimes we rely on others to get things done when all along I can be the one getting it done if I believe in myself."
"So with all that said, if you see something don’t only say something, do something!"

Spoken like a true hero.