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Michael Cohen Predicts Trump Won't Run For President Again In 2024 For The Most Trump Reason

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images; Zach Gibson/Pool/Getty Images

Speaking to Insider, Michael Cohen predicted that former President Donald Trump won't run for office again in 2024 for one reason alone: His ego.

Cohen knows a thing or two.

He previously worked as Trump's personal attorney and fixer, and he says that the notoriously thin-skinned Trump "couldn't stomach the notion of being a two-time loser."

Cohen said Trump only keeps floating the possibility of a 2024 presidential run because of his "insatiable need for attention."

"His insatiable need for attention is one reason he continues to flaunt this disingenuous 2024 run. The other is he's making more money doing that than anything he has ever done before."

He added Trump will very likely devise a "handful of reasons why he won't run again and blame others for his decision."

"He'll say he's not going to run again because of bipartisan hatred for him or because of the Democrats or because he doesn't want to put his family through any more."
"He cannot stomach the notion of being a two-time loser, but he will continue to grift until the very last second."

Many concurred with Cohen's assessment.

Trump has often publicly flirted with the idea of a presidential run in 2024.

Over the summer, The New York Times reported new federal filings show Trump has built "a war chest of more than $100 million," making him the Republican Party's top fundraiser during the first half of 2021.

Trump has also been accused of raising funds for the sole purpose of paying his personal debts.

Last year, news outlets reported the majority of the money the Trump campaign raised for an "election defense fund" was actually going to paying off the campaign's debts, further poking holes in Trump's "Big Lie" the election was stolen.