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Chuck E. Cheese Is Getting Dragged For Changing Its Name On Delivery Apps To Get People To Buy Their Food

Chuck E. Cheese Is Getting Dragged For Changing Its Name On Delivery Apps To Get People To Buy Their Food
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Chuck E Cheese's has never been known as a culinary hot spot. The kid's establishment has always been the kind of place where the children gorged on pizza kids love and the adults ... well... they'll eat later.

There have been some major upgrades in recent years - including to the menu - but unless you have young kids, you probably wouldn't know that. If only there was a way for other people to be open to trying Chuck E. Cheese pizza... if only ...

According to some people, Chuck (not Chuckie. The E is his middle initial. Mr. Cheese is a very formal rodent.) is trying the ol' switcheroo to dupe people into eating his pizza.

Food delivery apps have recently seen a surge of Pasqually's Pizza locations popping up. The descriptions don't mention anything about Mr. Cheese. The logo doesn't resemble anything having to do with the iconic rodent. There aren't any images that would give anything away.

But if you check the addresses, it turns out they're all Chuck E. Cheese locations.

Again, if you haven't recently been in a Chuck E. Cheese you probably don't know that "Pasqually's" has been a thing with them for a while. At some of the more updated locations, it's what the food counter is called. Pasqually, it's worth mentioning, is also the drummer in Chuck's fictitious band.

Thing is, the Pasqually's food is actually pretty good and we aren't the only ones who think so.

We don't know what happened. We don't know who they partnered with. We guess while nobody was looking, Chuck went off to culinary school? Do we call him Chef Cheese now? We have no idea.

The company says there's nothing fishy going on, people just haven't put two and two together yet and realized that Pasqually's is Chuck E. Cheese. According to them, Pasqually's was meant to be different than the usual food you'd get at a kid's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Pasqually's "is a different pizza that features a thicker crust and extra sauce, giving consumers a more flavorful, more premium pizza experience."

Still, people are pretty resistant. Mr. Cheese has a bit of a reputation to overcome and it certainly doesn't help that not all locations are here for this glow up.

Have any of you had "Pasqually's" food? If so, what did you think? Would you be willing to try it or are you not willing to go there with a pizza rat and his long-time drummer? Let us know!