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Group Of 'Christofacists' Harasses Families At Dallas Gay Bar's Pride Drag Show In Alarming Videos

Group Of 'Christofacists' Harasses Families At Dallas Gay Bar's Pride Drag Show In Alarming Videos

A group of self-described "Christofascists" shocked the internet after filming themselves screaming slurs at people, including children, outside a Dallas gay bar during a Pride-themed drag show.

The drag show was a family-oriented event that allowed children to dress in drag and participate in the show.

The group of protesters, which billed itself on a Facebook event page for the protest as "Christofascists," was led by right-wing comedian Alex Stein.

They filmed themselves waving religious flags and shouting at the children that their parents are "groomers" and pedophiles as the kids cowered in fear.

See the incident below:


The protest was full of incidents of virulent homophobia and transphobia and included slurs yelled at the participating childrens' parents. It perpetuated familiar Evangelical Christian rhetoric about LGBTQ+ people.

One protester yelled at a parent:

"I only have one question, why do you want to put an axe wound in between your son’s legs?"

Gender-affirming surgeries are not performed on children and are not legal before the age of 18 anywhere in the United States.

Other protesters called kids' parents "groomers" and accused them of pedophilia, a now-common refrain among the right-wing which has chosen to brand anyone who is not explicitly anti-LGBTQ+ and especially anti-trans as groomers and pedophiles.

The slur began to take hold after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his spokeswoman Christian Pushaw began referring to the states's now-infamous "Don't Say Gay" bill as an "anti-grooming" bill and to opponents of the legislation as "groomers."

Many of the protesters purchased tickets to the drag event to be inside the venue to harass attendees and performers. Videos also showed protesters chasing people from the drag show and assaulting pro-LGBTQ+ counter-protestors.

On Twitter, the videos left many outraged.

Though police were present at the event, attendees confirmed law enforcement did little to stop the attacks on children and parents. Police declared there were "no problems" in the venue after a welfare check.