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Chris Pratt Just Tried To Reach Into A Beehive And Touch The Queen—And Instantly Regretted It

The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star got the unwise idea after watching videos of Texas beekeeper Erika Thompson.

Chris Pratt and hive with bees
@prattprattpratt/Instagram; Jocelyn Winwood, NZ. Specialist in nature shots/Getty Images

Some things should be left to professionals...especially when it involves stinging insects.

Unfortunately, actor Chris Pratt learned the hard way.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star shared on Instagram that he had been watching videos by Texas beekeeper Erika Thompson, who effortlessly tends to and handles bees.

In his video, captioned, "@texasbeeworks you inspire me! But for real tho...," Pratt said:

"She's so cool and brave and she goes in front of these hives of bees and says, 'They're very calm today. I'm going to remove the bee, I'm going to use my bare hands to sift through the bees and look for the queen.'"

He continued:

"So it's built up this false sense of security in me to where I said, 'I think I can control bees, too'."

You can guess where this is going.

Determined on his quest, Pratt shared what happened next:

"I went towards it and the man standing next to me said, 'Be careful, there's bees,' and I said, 'These bees look very calm.'"
"And I just stared at these bees and then one of them came out and stung me in the eyeball."

He then removed his shades to reveal a very swollen eyelid.

Pratt finished:

"So anyways, f**k that bee lady."

You can watch the video below.

The beekeeper Erika Thompson, a.k.a. @texasbeeworks, hilariously responded to Pratt's video, taking a dig at his role as Mario in his upcoming film The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Thompson commented:

"Wait—so now you're going to be a plumber and a beekeeper?!"
"If you leave saving the bees to me and other professionals, you can focus on saving the Princess, Mario."


Others echoed Thompson's advice.










Thought the video is quite funny, we—in all seriousness—hope his eye is ok and he recovers nicely.