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Historian Warns We're Approaching 'Most Dangerous Point' In History—Including Trump's Return

Historian Warns We're Approaching 'Most Dangerous Point' In History—Including Trump's Return
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images; Sean Rayford/Getty Images

In a chilling account, historian Noam Chomsky warned us in a viral video that the end of "organized human life" is near.

Chomsky, known as "the father of modern linguistics," is world renowned for his linguistic, philosophical, historical and political theories, penning over 150 books on the topics.

The historian began his speech by reminiscing on an article he wrote in 1939 about Barcelona joining a list of countries that were plagued by tyrant invasions. He said it looked like "the grim cloud of fascism is spreading over the whole world."

The 93-year-old said he hasn't changed his opinion since. The reason being Donald Trump.

He continued:

"It's just gotten worse."
"The doomsday clock of the of bulk of atomic scientists, under Trump, they abandoned minutes."
"They moved to seconds."
"100 seconds to midnight–that's where it is now because threats are accumulating."

You can watch the video below:

Later in the interview, Chomksy said:

“I remember listening to Hitler’s speeches on the radio."
"I didn’t understand the words...but I understood the mood."
"And it was frightening and terrifying."
"And when you watch one of Trump’s rallies that can’t fail to come to mind. That’s what we’re facing.”

Viewers are sounding off over Chomsky's stance on Trump's leadership.

One person wrote:

"I agree with Chomsky."
"Whatever the reason your family or friends support Trump, whatever your excuses for them, they're fanaticism has them embracing fascism."

To others, the message was just startling.

Another person posted:

"Noam Chomsky. The worst is yet to come. I feel it as well."
"There will be famine, more inflation, more war."
"Ukrainian crops feed the world and they won't be producing any this year."
"#PutinsWar will cause far more world-wide problems. #putinmustdie there is no other way."

What do you think of Chomsky's message?

See what this viewer shared:

"This is heartbreaking to listen to cuz deep in our soul - we know he is trying to warn us all."
"It is also deeply disheartening to know he wont be taken very seriously by those who need to hear this message the most."

Chomsky was referring to the climate catastrophe and the pending threat of nuclear war.

Notably, in its report released this week, the UN's International Panel on Climate Change revealed the planet is dangerously close to irreversible consequences. Though not impossible, meeting climate targets will require a complete transformation of our economic models and outlook on how we interact with Earth's resources "in every sector."

Of the crises, Chomsky said:

"We are approaching the most dangerous point in human history. Nothing like it before."
"We are now facing the prospect of destruction of organized human life on Earth from environmental destruction, and not in the remote future, we are approaching irreversible turning points which cannot be dealt with any longer."

The historian concluded his warning by stating:

"It doesn't mean everybody is gonna die, but it's gonna mean moving to a future in which the lucky ones will be the ones who die more quickly."

With such a small window, many worry that we are too late.

Deniers of climate change working against science and progress–including Trump– remain an obstacle only further contributing to the problem.