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The Show 'Chicago Med' Celebrated 100 Episodes With A Very Unsettling, Life-Size Cadaver Cake

Chicago Med, NBC's Dick Wolf-helmed medical drama, just celebrated it's 100th episode, a traditional landmark for TV shows which marks their viability for syndication.

To celebrate the joyful occasion, the cast and crew of the show gathered together to eat a cake which looked remarkably like a human cadaver.

Many people online were freaked out by the disturbingly realistic cake.

Cutting into that bad boy must have been downright gruesome.

The cake makers went to extraordinary lengths to make the cadaver cake look detailed and realistic.

Dick Wolf himself was even there to personally cut into the cake.

There were some people online who felt the realistic body cake took things a bit too far.

Others, however, were too impressed to be grossed out.

Cadaver cakes are going to be all the rage this year.

Congrats to Chicago Med on hitting 100 episodes!

When they hopefully make it to 200, who knows what kind of freaky cake they'll end up celebrating with.