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Viral 'Sad Cat' Returned To Shelter For Wanting To 'Cuddle' At Night Sparks Flurry Of Adoption Requests

Ellie, a 4-year-old black and white cat, quickly became an internet sensation after her harrowing ordeal.

Black cat named Ellie

If you're a cat owner or have ever been around cats, you know they can be either extremely loving or very independent. Most people hope to get a cat that is more on the affectionate side.

Not this owner.

In Virginia, a four year old black and white cat named Ellie was returned to the shelter because she tried to cuddle with her owner.

The note written on the cat's chart gives the sad truth as to why she was returned to the shelter.

“I was returned because I wanted to sleep with my human at night and I wasn’t allowed to, so I would cry outside the bedroom door.”


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Ellie's owner had started dating someone who was allergic to cats. So Ellie was banned from the bedroom, which upset the affectionate feline.

This was when Ellie was returned to the shelter.


The tweet has over 76 thousand likes and over six thousand re-tweets.

The internet brought their anger to the comments.

According to Kate Balow, the owner of Meow Stories Central VA Cat Rescuse, the viral tweet has resulted in 25 applications to adopt Ellie.

Balow continued by stating that she planned to meet the applicants on December 16 and that she was confident the cuddly cat would be adopted.

“She’s a really pretty little black-and-white female. She’s super friendly.”


Meow Stories Central VA Cat Rescue doesn't have a physical location. They partner with other facilities to host the cats.

One of those organizations is a local PetSmart, which is where Ellie was brought after the owner called and asked that they take Ellie back.

“And so [the former owner] called us and we agreed to take her back. We always take our cats back.”

People in the comments stated this wasn't an uncommon occurrence.

On December 14, it was reported Ellie had been adopted again!

Ellie seems to be adjusting nicely to her new home.


Let's hope this is her forever home.