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82-Year-Old Man Who Refuses To Leave House That's Teetering On A Cliff Goes Viral

Despite a recent landslide that left his cliffside mansion dangerously close to going over the edge itself, Lewis Bruggeman has no intention of leaving his home, claiming that it's 'not threatened.'

82-Year-Old Man Who Refuses To Leave House That's Teetering On A Cliff Goes Viral

In California, an 82-year-old doctor named Lewis Bruggeman drew attention when he chose to stay in his $16 million mansion, perched precariously close to an eroding cliff during recent storms.

Despite concerns about the stability of his lavish home, Bruggeman remained steadfast.

Facing the potential threat of oceanfront property issues, the determined homeowner insisted:

"The house is fine, it's not threatened, and it will not be red-tagged. The city agreed that there was no major structural issue with the house."

Bruggeman's resolute stance has become a topic of discussion, capturing the interest of neighbors and the media.

The National Weather Service has predicted more rain for the Los Angeles area, with warnings about possible mudslides adding an extra layer of concern to Bruggeman's cliffside situation.

Incoming rain causes concerns for cliffside homes in Dana

People pointed out that lots of incidents started with "I'm fine."

Others defended his right to choose to stay.

It might also be his age, folks said.

The stubbornness, some said, will not end well.

Folks cited specific incidents where people made poor decisions around natural disasters.

Lots of people wondered about this guy's insurance coverage.

Others commented on the specifics of the geology at hand.

The consensus seemed to be incredulity at this man's decision.

Dana Point, CA is set to experience more rainstorms later this week.