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'Bye Felipe' Instagram Is Helping Women Expose The Toxic Men Of Online Dating

Screenshot Instagram @byefelipe

An Instagram account going by the name byefelipe is giving frustrated female daters a place to vent on bad male online behavior.

Alexandra Tweten turned her frustration with online dating into a successful Instagram account and new book, Bye Felipe: Disses, Dick Pics, and Other Delights of Modern Dating.

It all started when Tweten found herself turned off by some of the online behavior of men. She began posting some of the more shocking exchanges with the hashtag #ByeFelipe as a nod to the famous "Bye Felicia" from the Friday movie franchise.

Her posts took off and soon her inbox was flooded by others with similar experiences saying "Bye Felipe!"

Yes, it really is that bad out there.

Who are these awful people?

Toxic masculinity and male entitlement need to go bye-bye.

H/T: Vice, SF Gate