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Guy Abruptly Changes His Tone After Realizing He's Being Filmed Hurling Racist Rant At Asian Family

Guy Abruptly Changes His Tone After Realizing He's Being Filmed Hurling Racist Rant At Asian Family
Benjamin Wong/Facebook

New online video showed a Canadian man launch into a racist tirade at an Asian family while he walked through the drive thru of a Burger King restaurant.

When he realized he was being filmed throughout his entire hate-filled tantrum, his demeanor did a complete 180. He moved to put on his mask and talked about how nice it was to meet everyone.

The incident occurred at a Burger King in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and was documented by Benjamin Wong, who posted a description and multiple videos of the incident to Facebook.

As Wong stated in his post, the man's abusive behavior was just too much to let slide.

"I don't normally like to confront people, but I couldn't just stand idly by."
"This racist was in the drive thru on foot yelling at this Chinese family in line saying things like, 'China virus,' 'go back to your country' and 'because of you the world is like this'."
"I shouted at him to GTFO, to direct his attention away from the family. He then proceeded to walk over and directed his anger at me shouting 'Chinese motherf'ker' and uttering threats like 'I'll F'KING KILL YOU!'"

Wong included a video that showed the man hurling those obscenities.

And when Wong intervened, the man came over to his car and was equally abusive.

Wong's dash cam caught the whole exchange.

But the man's behavior completely changed when Wong pulled out his phone and began filming the racist directly.

Wong described the moment in the caption to the post.

"His demeanour quickly changed when I took out my phone to record his face. Little did he know the exchange was captured on my dash cam."
"Not only did he not wear a mask, he didn't even try to socially distance himself as he was right up against my window."

NextShark, an Asian culture-focused news outlet, caught up with Wong to learn more about the incident.

Wong explained he gave all his video materials to local law enforcement.

He also shared further reflections on the incident.

"I'm not sure what business he had there at the drive-thru window since he was not in a vehicle. He was also not wearing his mask while being in close proximity to the people in the van."
"The main outcome I want is for this man to learn from his mistake and change his attitude towards other races. He needs to educate himself and not be so ignorant. We are all in this together no matter the skin color."

As for people who saw the whole exchange on Facebook, most shared admiring words about Wong's courage and quick-thinking in the moment.

Irene Marcelo/Facebook

Selina Tang/Facebook

Henry Liao/Facebook

William Wong/Facebook

Andrew Betteridge/Facebook

When the encounter was posted on Reddit, more people weighed in, this time tearing into the racist directly.

"Thank you for standing up to that garbage. You're very calm for not reacting violently as he has quite a punchable ugly face." -- FEDD33

"The face of smoothbrainitis." -- 0v329000

"Omfg they're evolving... or trying to, at least." -- hyggerose

"What a pos. I hope something bad happens to him. What a psychopath too, and a two faced snake that can change his demeanour at the drop of a hat." -- WrapCorrect

"Look at the way he put up a polite facade once the camera was on. pure sociopath. Many people here are like that, they're comfortable being racist when no one is watching." -- lqku

Of course, for all his efforts at putting on the show of niceness, everything before was documented, spread across the internet and now law enforcement has it.

His racist tirade is a bell he can't unring.