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TikToker Calls Out Chipotle After Finding Bug Crawling Around In Take-Out Meal In Viral Video

TikToker Calls Out Chipotle After Finding Bug Crawling Around In Take-Out Meal In Viral Video

Chipotle is truly a food chain that appeals to all audiences.

But a recent TikTok video caught an unwelcome guest feasting on one customer's meal.

A Chipotle customer named Cece—known by her 572,200 TikTok followers as @butterrgirll—posted the TikTok on Monday which showed a green insect roaming around in her burrito bowl.

You can see the video here:


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Thankfully for her, she noticed the bug early on in her meal.

The bug's green hue helped it to blend right in with the lettuce.





The video, which has almost 6 million views, 792,600 likes, and nearly 25,000 comments, features @butterrgirll capturing video evidence of the insect.

It begins rather low key as the bug isn't readily apparent at the start if the video. But, once Cece begins prodding the lettuce with a fork, viewers can see the tiny green bug moving around.

In the background, viewers can hear Cece's shock, confusion and disgust as she watched the bug roam around her food.

Cece can be heard, out of frame, saying:

"I was just eating my Chipotle, right?"
"And I seen something moving in my food."
"So I had to empty it on the plate to make sure I wasn't tripping."




Cece goes on to exclaim:

"What the hell is that?"
"Chipotle, I need answers."
"I need answers."
"I need answers."

Well, thanks to Science Direct, Cece finally got some answers.

According to Science Direct, the pest could have been a type of aphid that feeds on lettuce and other vegetable crops. It's supposedly rather commonplace when certain vegetables are packaged for distribution, but the newfound information isn't necessarily easy to swallow.

Several people on TikTok asked Cece what the outcome of the situation was and the people were given answers. Cece posted a follow-up video that details how Cece went back to the Chipotle location to bring the incident to the establishment's attention.


Reply to @kxxler @chipotle

The follow-up TikTok, which has over 1 million views, informs followers Cece did, in fact, go back to the restaurant and ask to speak to a manager. At the time Cece went to Chipotle, the manager was unavailable to speak with her but she was able to speak to a supervisor about what she had found in her bowl.

In the course of her discussion with the supervisor, Cece recounts she said:

"I just ordered food from y'all and y'all got bugs in your food, do you wanna see it?"

According to Insider, Cece confirmed the supervisor was apologetic for her less than palatable experience with the food chain and issued a full refund on the meal.

In the second video, Cece shows viewers a screenshot of a pending refund in the amount of $29.50 from Chipotle in her bank account's online transaction history.


Cece went on to tell Insider she has taken the matter further and reached out to corporate.

Cece told Insider:

"They told me they will reach out to the store and make sure it wouldn't happen again."

The next time you're thinking of ordering a salad or bowl, maybe rethink adding lettuce to your meal.