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Bridezilla Sends Guest A Rage-Inducing Text Demanding More Money To Pay For Her Wedding—And People Can't Even

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There is no denying wedding planning can be really stressful for the wedding party, none more so than the bride.

Women have long been bombarded with messages to think of their weddings as fairy-tales. So the stakes can get high and expectations even higher, pushing some women into being "bridezillas." And then their high stakes suddenly translate into high stakes for everyone.

Twitter user @SeyiAkiwowo had a crazy story to share about her close encounter with a bridezilla friend:

It all started in 2015, and things seemed great at first:

And some things started to seem off:

Never trust a strange envelope.

And now the stakes were high for the guests.

With such little time to catch their flight and so little money left over after the weekend, they went into survival mode.

But, they made it.

But when they got home is when the ugly came out.

So we have to pay for coming to your wedding, after we paid our own flights, hotel and expenses?

Heck no. And it gets worse.

Ready for the full thing? It's a full on yikes fest.



The queen included her bank number!

It later became clear how she tracked her guests' contributions:

People are so thrown by this story.

After all, who expects guests to flat out pay for the wedding costs, in addition to shelling out money for their own transportation and lodging?

A destination wedding is fun in theory, but can be extremely expensive in practice.

The wedding can end up costing you a baseline of around $27,000, assuming you don't pay the way for friends and family.

The point is, nobody is forcing you to have a destination wedding. So why force your guests to pay more out of pocket for it? If you can't afford one, don't have one. City Hall marriages exist for a reason!

And if you're planning your own wedding, you might want a dose of common sense—or this book—to avoid catching the Bridezilla virus.

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