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'Succession' Star Brian Cox Weighs In On Rupert Murdoch's Decision To Step Down

The actor told the BBC he thinks Murdoch has 'been watching too much 'Succession'' after he announced he'd be handing the reins of News Corp and Fox to his son Lachlan.

'Succession' Star Brian Cox Weighs In On Rupert Murdoch's Decision To Step Down
Mike Marsland/WireImage; Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images

Star of HBO's SuccessionBrian Cox has weighed in on the long-awaited news that Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch will be stepping down from News Corp, the parent company of Fox, and handing over the reins to his son Lachlan.

This is, of course, the basic plotline of Succession, which has long been said to have been inspired by the Murdoch family, so you might say Cox has something of a high-level understanding of what might have gone down behind the scenes at News Corp in recent years.

Speaking to the BBC about 92-year-old Murdoch's long-overdue retirement, Cox joked that Murdoch must have been watching too much Succession.

Cox's joke about Murdoch's Succession-watching habits was also in reference to his choice of his eldest son Lachlan over his son James or daughter Elizabeth, much like the storyline of the HBO show itself.

Cox, 77, recently lost his 92-year-old sister, and went on to share his take on Murdoch's staggeringly long career from the perspective of having experienced old age.

“He’s probably the most tenacious human on God’s earth. He’s just kept on going but I think eventually there comes a point when he has to stop and it had to happen and it’s happened.”

He stopped short, however, of weighing in, as so many in the media have, on whether Lachlan is most like Kendall, Roman or Connor Roy, Cox's character's three sons on Succession.

“I’m not sure which one he is because I kind of keep out of the whole Murdoch thing."
“Because when you play a role, it’s your creation. The one thing that there is in common is how little Rupert actually expresses himself and he allows things [actions] to speak for itself.”

But Cox did give a bit of insight into just how closely Succession might be modeled on Murdoch: he told the BBC that he'd heard Murdoch's ex-wife Jerry Hall had been forbidden from speaking to the show's writers.

On social media, Succession fans definitely had a lot to say about Murdoch's resignation.

There's even a GoFundMe to get Cox to do a cameo send-off for Murdoch.

While Cox was complimentary of Murdoch's tenacity, he is certainly no fan of the mogul. He also gave a hot take on Murdoch's announcement of his retirement in which he crowed about his and Lachlan's commitment to "freedom,"

Cox told the BBC:

“Freedom? Freedom for what? Freedom to impose his ideas on other people, freedom to kind of manipulate certain things in certain directions? I mean, he’s certainly done a lot of that in his life."

Sounds a lot like Logan Roy—and spoken as only the man who played Logan Roy could.