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Guy Throws Tantrum After Boy Calls Him Out For Displaying 'Racist' Confederate Flag On His Porch


A fully grown, Confederate flag-toting man recently found himself toe-to-toe arguing with a child, and the whole thing was captured on video and posted online by none other than the man himself.

As the video showed, it all began when a kid rolled up on his bike to deliver some pointed words to the man, who was sitting on his Confederate flag-adorned porch.

Actually, the flag was a strange mixture of the Confederate flag and the American flag.


The spat began when the kid directly told the man that "nobody in the neighborhood likes [the flag]." When the man asked why, the kid fired back with a simple conclusion:

"Because it's a goddamn racist flag."

The man said it was "an American flag," the kid reminded the man he's "not stupid," and then they literally got into one of those "yes you are," "no I'm not" exchanges for a little while.

Again, one of these people was a grown man.

Once the argument escalated, the man shouted that "it's a freedom to fly that flag," before telling the kid to do his research. He suggested Youtube.

The video closed with the man showing the flag in question and calling the kid a "little r-word."

People who saw the video were stunned by a couple of things.

First, just why?

And second, what did he expect upon posting this?

Other people simply praised the kid in the video.

That kid on the bike just put on a perfect demonstration of the difference between being non-racist and being anti-racist.

Although it doesn't appear the argument led to any changes in the guy's decision to fly the flag, the kid's courage is so assuring.