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Lauren Boebert Just Tried To Insult Jen Psaki's Intelligence—And It Didn't Go Well For Her

Lauren Boebert Just Tried To Insult Jen Psaki's Intelligence—And It Didn't Go Well For Her
Joe Raedle/Getty Images; Win McNamee/Getty Images

Freshman member of Congress, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado, tried to insult the White House Press Secretary. The Republican politician claimed Jen Psaki—who holds a degree in sociology and English from the College of William and Mary—should take a cognitive test.

The test is one former President Donald Trump continues to brag about acing. It's administered mainly in emergency rooms to check for brain injury, dementia, stroke or psychosis.

It's also utilized to test for competency to care for oneself, but makes no assessment of intelligence.

Boebert—who dropped out of high school but earned her GED just before being elected in 2020—has made a name for herself in speeches and on social media for being unable to understand basic concepts like grammar, health, or even her own political party. But her recent tweet made even less sense than normal.

Boebert's insult sounds like a simple jab at another's intelligence, but context...

The tweet above is referencing something Secretary Psaki said at a press briefing more than a month before. More importantly, Psaki was referencing President Joe Biden's physical health, not mental abilities.

So why would she need a cognitive test to assess if, like Trump, she can recognize pictures and remember a few common words for a minute?

Attempting to insult Psaki and failing did open Boebert up to a lot of criticism and insults from people online.

A lot of insults.

Boebert is no stranger to being a lightning rod to online criticism.

She's believed to have lied about her family's political beliefs, claiming she rose up to be conservative out of a very democratic household with little evidence backing it up.

More infamously, she and her husband own a restaurant where servers are encouraged to open carry firearms. This was less of an issue than the fact the restaurant failed to follow health regulations and gave people food poisoning.

Both Boebert and her husband have a lengthy criminal history including assault and indecent exposure in front of minors.

All of this would be less troubling if Boebert was working hard—or at all—to represent and help her congressional district. But she's getting a failing grade at that too.

Colorado's 3rd Congressional District has been held by Republicans since 2010. But her constituents say they're frustrated with Boebert's greater focus on her own stunts and celebrity rather than fighting for policies that would benefit them.

Overall, people online think Boebert just isn't qualified to be in Congress.

People aren't terribly worried about Press Secretary Jen Psaki's feelings in all this. She's proven tougher than a childish tweet from a member of Congress.