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Boebert Slammed After Trying To Blame Biden For Cybersecurity Attack On Meat Supplier

Boebert Slammed After Trying To Blame Biden For Cybersecurity Attack On Meat Supplier
Jonathan Ernst-Pool/Getty Images; Alex Wong/Getty Images

In an echo of the right-wing response to last month's gasoline shortages resulting from a Russian hack of a key pipeline, Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert is blaming Democratic President Joe Biden for a new Russian cyber attack against a meat supplier.

The freshman Congresswoman leveled her criticism of the President in a tweet.

Boebert's tweet was presumably in reference to a cyber attack Tuesday on JBS SA, the world's largest meat processor, likely committed by a criminal Russian gang of hackers called REvil.

Much like last month's hack of the Colonial Pipeline, Tuesday's attack forced JBS to briefly shutter all of its US operations, a move many experts say will result in higher meat prices for U.S. consumers.

For Republicans—like Boebert—looking for a win, this is all President Biden's fault.

In her tweet, the controversial GOP Representative queried:

"Cyber attack on the largest meat distributor?"
"Is this yet another cyber attack with Biden 'in charge'?"

Boebert then closed her tweet with a strange dig at Dominion Voting Systems, which Boebert and other Trump-aligned Republicans repeatedly accused of helping Biden win the 2020 election. Boebert did not offer an explanation for what a voting machine software company has to do with a meat processing corporation's cybersecurity.

Boebert also seemed unaware that, like the Colonial Pipeline, JBS is a private company—and one based in Brazil, no less.

Biden's administration and the federal government have little control over a private corporations' operations—especially when it comes to something like cybersecurity measures, which are typically contracted out to other private companies.

In short, blaming the Biden administration for this incident makes very little sense, especially since lack of federal control over private corporations is one of the hallmarks of the "small government," free market capitalist system Republicans like Boebert claim to cherish.

Flocks of tweeters immediately fired off missives at Boebert letting her know.

Tuesday's cyber attack also affected JBS' operations in Canada and Australia.

Boebert has not yet commented on who is at fault for those attacks as of this writing.