#BlackWomenInYellow Is Trending Once Again—And It's Everything

@itsaminaa/Twitter, @ChanelMcF/Twitter

Yellow is the new fierce! Black Twitter is golden these days since Twitter user @rarebre3d inspired a movement with the introduction of the hashtag #BlackWomenInYellow last week.

The user, also going by the name of Loin Queen, asked followers: "Can we make #blackwomenwearingyellow a thing tho 👀. We need some light during all of this craziness."

Sure enough, the love came pouring in with women of color from all corners of the globe revealing their glowing looks in various shades of yellow attire on Twitter, accompanied with the shortened hashtag.

While we can agree that black women look radiant in any color, yellow is complimenting the beauty of their exquisite skin tone.

Lorin was on to something when she wanted to cast some light in the world. The hashtag is trending again this week and still gaining momentum on social media.

It's never too late to be a part of the yellow brilliance.

Twitter's not the only platform embracing the movement. Black women are shining on Instagram as well.

Yellow doesn't discriminate gender. Black men are also looking smart in yellow.

But for now, the trending hashtag is focusing on black women. May they bask in the sunlight and snuff out the darkness in the world.

And social media reactions are glow-rious.

H/T - TeenVogue, Twitter, Instagram, Buzzfeed

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