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Authorities Accuse Black Family Of Shoplifting Groceries From Kansas Walmart Despite Them Showing Their Receipt


A Black family who were shopping at a Holton, Kansas Walmart say they were "racially profiled and publicly humiliated" after the Sheriff's office approached them and accused them of shoplifting on Wednesday evening.

26-year-old Bracey Myles and his fiancé, Alfreda Lange, 20, were held in the parking lot while the authorities painstakingly combed over their receipt after accusing them of shoplifting.

Myles, who had gone to Walmart for groceries for his job and for formula for his newborn son, recorded the video and uploaded it to Twitter.

Lange said she was worried her fiancé would become another victim of authorities brutalizing Black people while the situation unfolded.

She told the Kansas City Star:

"That's my biggest fear that something might happen and they might decide it's a justified reason when really there's never a justified reason. I was terrified."

After the authorities cleared him to go, Myles tried to re-enter the Walmart to file a complaint against the staff who called the Sheriff's office on him rather than deal with him directly.

The authorities reportedly interfered and told him he had to leave the premises. Myles and Lange are now moving to another town.

Myles said:

"I'm just trying to find my peace of mind because they took that from me."

The Jackson County Sheriff's office responded:

"In no way were these individuals racially profiled by members of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office."
"That type of behavior is not tolerated in this office. These deputies simply responded to a call for service."

Whether or not that is true remains to be seen.