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Too Many People Are Easily Convinced Kate McKinnon Is Reese Witherspoon—But We Totally See It

The formula for Billy Eichner's hit series Billy on the Street is a simple one:

Billy hits the streets of New York with a famous celebrity demanding random passersby answer trivia for tiny rewards.

In his latest video, however, Billy mixed up the formula a bit by having SNL star Kate McKinnon impersonate Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon.

The most embarassing part of the video is how many people failed to spot the difference.

Billy on the Street with REESE WITHERSPOON!!!

Fans online, however, noticed something was off right away.

Who is that exactly with Billy?

There's nothing more painful than watching people fail to recognize the one and only Kate McKinnon!

Of course, who could blame them when Kate is such a renowned impressionist?

A lot of people were just happy to see there were some smart New Yorkers who recognized Kate for her true identity at the end.

If you're looking for more Billy on the Street, fear not! The internet has your fix.

Billy on the Street with THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!

Billy on the Street with LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA!!!