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Billie Eilish Dancing To Her Own Song On A Dodgers Game's 'Dance Cam' Is An Instant Mood

Billie Eilish Dancing To Her Own Song On A Dodgers Game's 'Dance Cam' Is An Instant Mood
Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images; @SportsCenter/Twitter

For some of us getting caught on the jumbotron at a sports game is the most embarrassing thing that could possibly happen. But for others, it's a lifelong dream, and it seems music star Billie Eilish is definitely in the latter camp.

Eilish turned up at a Los Angeles Dodgers game last week along with her brother Finneas and two other fans in full Dodgers regalia like the dedicated fans they are.

But when Eilish's song "Bad Guy" came on the sound system, she turned up in a whole other way, rocking out to her own song with a huge smile on her face.

ESPN tweeted a clip of the moment, which instantly went viral, and fans are loving the contagious fun Eilish seems to have been having. See the clip below.

The "dance cam" is an institution at Dodgers Stadium that comes up between innings, and as with most traditions it has a specific protocol--if you're on the dance cam, there's no sitting allowed. You gotta get up out of your seat and shake it.

Eilish, a lifelong Angeleno, clearly knew the rules as did her friends, though her brother and collaborator Finneas seemed not to--he stayed firmly planted in his seat. Always letting his sister take the spotlight, that guy.

If anything, her brother staying seated only seemed to underline how much fun Eilish was having, which was so contagious even the stadium's announcer had to acknowledge it.

“How cool is it to dance to your own tune at Dodgers Stadium?”

On Twitter, people were definitely feeling the love.

Eilish's moment of levity at the Dodgers game came on the heels of a big moment for the superstar--earlier the same day she dropped a new EP called Guitar Songs, a surprise release of two songs, one of which is completely new

Maybe one day we'll see her jamming to those at a Dodgers game too.