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Politico's Illustration Of Bernie Sanders Has People LOLing After They Realize He Looks More Like Chevy Chase

After Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, February 11, Politico announced the victory with a small, hand-drawn portrait of the Senator.

Unfortunately, the drawing looked a bit less like Senator Sanders than people expected.

If anyone, it seemed to resemble famed comedic actor Chevy Chase.

Of course, Twitter wasn't going to let the opportunity pass without cracking a joke or two.

Will Bernie Sanders be remembered as the comedic voice of a generation?

The internet expressed a collective gasp of confusion when they saw the image.

When people saw "Chevy Chase" trending on Twitter, many assumed the worst.

Chase himself even responded online, pointing out his victory was far more complete than anyone had even noticed.

Surely Chase has earned the Presidency for his unforgettable Hollywood roles?

Congratulations to Bernie Sanders and Chevy Chase on coming out of New Hampshire leading the Democratic field.

On to Nevada!