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Bat Aboard Spirit Airlines Flight Sends Passengers Into Full-On Chaos And Panic Mode

Bat Aboard Spirit Airlines Flight Sends Passengers Into Full-On Chaos And Panic Mode

The passengers of a recent Spirit Airlines flight from Charlotte to Newark got a little more excitement than they bargained for when they bought their tickets.

About 30 minutes into the 90 minute flight a bat began flying wildly around the plane, surprising passengers and staff.

Peter Scattini shared a video of the bag to Twitter with the caption:

"me, twice a year: 'I'll never fly spirit again.' me, this morning, after deciding i'd rather save 12 dollars:"

Scattini wasn't the only passenger to record the bat.

Twitter user @adrilisasmiddle shared a video taken by an anonymous passenger.

It seems the bat was eventually caught by a passenger and confined to one of the bathrooms for the remainder of the flight.

There were a multitude of jokes from Twitter users in response to the videos.

Someone thought the whole situation would make a good mathematical word problem:

Others were worried about the safety of the bat.

In a statement to HuffPost, Spirit Airlines said that the bat was:

"...removed once on the ground by animal control officers."
"The aircraft was disinfected and searched as a precaution. It is believed the bat started its journey in Charlotte, flying into an overhead bin while our crews were doing overnight maintenance."

Scattini also told them that, after the bat was contained, the plane's staff did an excellent job making sure nobody was injured and helped to calm everyone.

Spirit Airlines may not have the best track record for customer satisfaction, though it's no longer on the bottom of the list, but random wildlife on a flight isn't something anyone expects.

Of course there are worse things than bats on a plane, like zombies. The film Flight of the Living Dead, is available here.