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Dana Bash Calls Out GOP Rep To His Face Over Armed Guards In Schools Plan

Dana Bash said what we were all thinking about Rep. Dan Crenshaw's plan to place armed guards in schools.

CNN screenshot of Dana Bash and Dan Crenshaw during their debate about guns

Texas Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw was called out by CNN reporter Dana Bash after he said putting more guns in schools would prevent tragedies like the recent mass shooting at Nashville's Covenant School from occurring.

Crenshaw believes if there were at least two armed guards or police officers at every school in America, mass shootings could be avoided. He argued the "guns that protect the President" could also protect children in schools.

You can watch what happened in the video below.

During Crenshaw's appearance on CNN's State of the Union, anchor Bash pointed out guns are "the leading cause of death for children and teens" in the United States and saving their lives should be a "top priority." Crenshaw maintained armed guards would be the best solution and he has visited many schools with "armed police presence."

However a report released Sunday, April 2, revealed several staff members at The Covenant School carried guns to provide security. Crenshaw was either unaware of this fact or ignored it.

After Crenshaw said it’s “very difficult to build a pattern" around school shootings because they're "anomalous," Bash questioned his line of reasoning.

“You said that they’re random. The one through line in these deaths is that they are shootings. Therefore, they are done by guns."
"And guns are the leading cause of death for children and teens in the U.S. So shouldn’t helping save the lives of children be a top priority for you, as a member of the House majority?”

Crenshaw replied:

“No, it absolutely should be, which is why I say I would look to the thing that would absolutely stop this, which is putting armed police officers at every school. I visit a lot of schools. I do talks at various schools."
"It’s very rare that I go into a school, especially the newer ones, and they don’t have some kind of armed police presence there at all times.”

At this point, Bash called him out rather bluntly, asking:

"So the answer is more guns?"

But Crenshaw doubled down and insisted "the answer is armed guards" before adding:

"No, the answer is armed guards, right, armed guards. Yes, more guns, the kind of guns that protect the President, that protect you all at CNN.”

Many have similarly criticized Crenshaw for his remarks.

Studies have shown Crenshaw's proposed solution may not be effective.

A 2021 study found more people were killed in school shootings where a school police officer was present than when a school police officer was not present. Additionally, a Washington Postanalysis found placing more police in schools often has a detrimental effect on students, particularly students of color and those with disabilities.

While Crenshaw is not alone in his belief more guns in schools would prevent mass shootings, experts suggest there may be more effective solutions.

Addressing the root causes of gun violence, such as access to firearms and mental health issues, and implementing comprehensive gun control measures are some of the solutions that could prevent tragedies like school and other mass shootings.