The Mets Apologize After Including Two Living Players In Their Memorial Montage

Al Bello/Getty Images, @StephanieTetter/Twitter

The New York Mets have apologized after featuring two living players in a tribute some of their dead stars.

During Saturday's game against the Atlanta Braves, the franchise held an event to honor their 1969 World Series winning team, sometimes known as the Miracle Mets.

As part of the ceremony, the Mets showed a memorial montage of players from the team who have died – but two of the men featured, Jim Gosger and Jesse Hudson, are still alive.

The 1969 New York MetsThe Mets honored their 1969 World Series-winning team on Saturday (AP/Press Association Images - Frank Franklin II)

Gosger immediately took to Facebook to inform friends and family he was alive and well, while Hudson gave an interview to Forbes the following morning.

Jim Gosger/Facebook

To try and atone, the Mets posted an apology message on the big screen during the following day's game, also against the Braves.

The message read: “There was an error made in yesterday's 'We Remember' segment during our 1969 anniversary ceremony in which we included the names and images of Jim Gosger and Jessie Hudson. We are sorry and deeply regret this error.

“We have spoken with both former players to express our sincerest apologies.

“We want to thank Jim and Jessie, along with their families and friends, for their gracefulness and understanding."

To compound matters, the Mets misspelled Hudson's name in their apology message.

Gosger, an outfielder, spent parts of three seasons with the Mets in a 10-year career, while pitcher Hudson's one appearance in the 1969 season proved his only one in the Major League.

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