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Cruise Expert Lays Out The Things You Should Never Bring With You On Board A Ship

TikToker @sheknowshership shared a warning about outside items that aren't allowed on cruise ships, including hard liquor and bottled water.

TikTok screenshots from @sheknowshership

We love a good informative TikTok, especially when it can save us from getting in "trouble" on vacation.

TikToker @sheknowshership educated nearly 900k viewers with her helpful tips about what you can and cannot bring on a cruise, and people on the platform are grateful for the advice.

The creator captioned her post:

"Ever wonder what you can't bring on a cruise?"
"I've got some answers for you. Happy cruising!!!"

The text on the video first read:

"Don't bring these items with you on a cruise."

The self-proclaimed "Cruise Mom" then began the list, beginning with hard liquor.

"First, don't bring hard liquor with you on board."
"Don't even think about trying to hide it to get it on board."

She continued:

"It will be confiscated and you could possibly get in trouble for trying to smuggle it to your cabin."

The TikToker then mentioned what is permitted to be carried onto many cruise ships.

"What is allowed is one bottle of wine or champagne per adult."

But back to the banned items (whomp, whomp)...

"You also can't bring bottled water (or most drinks that are in a bottle)."
"The cruise line will take those from you before you board."

There is an upside, though.

"However, you can bring one 12-pack of canned soda per person in your room!"
"Bringing wine, champagne, or soda will help save you money!"

She added that you are able to buy duty-free bottles of alcohol while on board, but you won't receive those items until after you debark.

And finally, don't even think about bringing your drone on your vacation at sea.

"If you bring it, they will confiscate it."

You can watch the TikTok below.


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Viewers of the TikTok were most surprised that bottles of water are prohibited.



Some, however, noted that had been able to bring cases of water on cruises in the past.





But the TikToker claimed that's not the case for every ship.


And several in the comments shared they have yet to be caught bringing alcohol onboard.





"The Cruise Mom" has posted several other videos with tips to ensure you have the best possible time on your cruise, like items you absolutely must not forget to pack, such as a travel adapter and meds for seasickness.


Before you close that suitcase to leave floor your cruise, don’t forget to pack these! You can thank me later! #travel #summer #cruise #fyp #travelessentials #foryou

While not every cruise line has the same exact rules, these are some helpful guidelines to remember.

Thanks for the tips!