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Elizabeth Warren's Dog Swiped Someone's Burrito After She Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race, And We're Right There With You Bailey

On Thursday, March 5, Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the race to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2020.

No one was more disappointed than her dog, Bailey, who had become a staple of Warren's campaign team, often appearing in photos and well-known by many of her fans.

Bailey, who was probably very excited by the possibility of becoming First Dog, immediately began to cope with the disappointment by eating her feelings at Warren HQ.

Bailey's fans on Twitter came to her immediate defense.

The Warren campaign was all about having big dreams.

Bailey has exemplified that concept perfectly.

If anyone deserves a burrito after all their hard work, it's Bailey.

That the amount of Bailey content will now decline will surely bring many people sadness.

And it wasn't just the burrito...Bailey has had just as hard a time coping with the bad news as many Warren supporters.

Fortunately, it seems Bailey got to eat her burrito in the end.

Don't worry, Bailey, Senator Warren will still be fighting the good fight even if it's not from the Presidency.