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The 'Back To The Future' Cast Just Had A Sweet Mini-Reunion—And It's A Blast From The Past

Lea Thompson met up with former castmates Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F. Wilson at Fan Expo Portland over the weekend.

Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd
Universal Pictures

Fans were excited to see a mini reunion of the cast of the beloved Back to the Future trilogy at this past weekend's Fan Expo Portland.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd had joined up last year for New York Comic Con, but were joined in Portland by fellow cast-members Lea Thompson and Thomas F. Wilson.

The former played Marty McFly's mom, while Wilson was the bully Biff.

The cast shared some in-jokes during their meet up, including Thompson asking Wilson "I'm a butthead, right?" which referenced the character Biff's favorite taunt in the trilogy.

Reactions from fans came pouring in.

Many were very happy to see the cast back together and looking well.




Others commented on how important the movies were to their childhoods and how nice it was to sseethe cast back together.




Some people, as tends to happen when cast members of beloved media post something, came for the references.



Finally, there was a difference of opinion on whether Wilson looks the same now as the "future Biff" looked in the movies.



Others didn't seem to care and were just happy for the Biff moment in the post.


A reboot or reinterpretation of Back to the Future is unlikely, so it's nice to see the cast can come together at expos and fan conventions.