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'Modern Family' Star Ariel Winter Accidentally Cut Off The Tip Of Her Finger—And Then Threw It Away

'Modern Family' Star Ariel Winter Accidentally Cut Off The Tip Of Her Finger—And Then Threw It Away
Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

One of the ways the ongoing pandemic has changed many of our lives is that many of us are cooking more—whether out of necessity or just sheer boredom.

Has there also been an associated uptick in kitchen injuries?

That remains to be seen, but there certainly has been in the household of Modern Family star Ariel Winter, who recently lopped off the top of her thumb while cooking and then accidentally threw it in the trash.

You know, as sometimes happens.

Winter detailed the harrowing experience in an online interview with Access earlier this week.

Like many of us who are missing our favorite ethnic foods in this time of shut-down restaurants, Winter recently decided she'd give a nod to her Greek heritage and teach herself how to make one of her favorite Greek dishes.

She had just gotten some brand-new knives for her kitchen, and had just sliced up a ton of onions. All seemed to be going well.

But then...

"So I went to chop a peeled tomato, and sliced the top of my thumb off on a peeled tomato... My boyfriend and I were looking at my thumb as I sliced..."
"We were talking, and then like as I did it, it sliced right through, and we both were just like 'Oh my God!'"


But wait.

It gets so much worse.

"I apparently sliced an artery or something like that, so I bled so much..."


Thankfully, her boyfriend picked her thumb up off the counter...


...and brought it to the hospital with them and gave it to the nurse that was helping them.

And then... oh God... if you can believe it, this story gets even worse.

"Funny—she actually just gave it to me in a plastic bag and didn't, like, tell me it was the tip of my thumb too, so I accidentally threw it away and we had to go get it ..."
"We threw it away in triage because I was bleeding on it, and then we had to go back and be like, 'I think it's in that little plastic bag in the trash.'"


Of course, folks on Twitter were similarly freaked out by Ariel's mishap.

Luckily, Ariel's story comes with a happy ending.

"They took great care of me... I will have just a mildly sad-looking thumb. So it'll be okay."


Be careful out there with those knives, people.

Winters film Excision is available here.