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REPORT: Anthony Scaramucci Resigns From Tufts University Board

REPORT: Anthony Scaramucci Resigns From Tufts University Board

Former White House Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci has resigned from the Tufts University Board of Advisers after a dispute with a graduate student who writes for the school newspaper.

Earlier this month, Camilo Caballero wrote two editorials that were critical of Scaramucci, asserting his opinion that the former Trump administration member shouldn't be on the board, saying: "A man who is irresponsible, inconsistent, an unethical opportunist and who exuded the highest degree of disreputability should not be on the Fletcher Board."

Another student, Carter Banker, also started a petition in October to get Scaramucci removed from the board.

Scaramucci responded in an open letter on Monday, arguing: "My involvement with the Trump administration, and the infamous nature of my firing, are not reasons to remove me from the Fletcher School Advisory Board."

In addition, Scaramucci threatened to sue the newspaper, The Tufts Daily, if it didn't "retract the false statements and issue a public apology" over the "spurious claims about my reputation and integrity."

The threats led to the postponement of an event at the university that was supposed to feature Scaramucci on Monday.

In response, Fletcher school professor Daniel Drezner wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, stating: "Caballero stepped over the line in criticizing Fletcher for inviting Scaramucci to speak. With these legal shenanigans, however, the Mooch has traveled about three counties past the line, and just kept on going."

He added: "First of all, who in the hell looks at a student op-ed in a student newspaper and decides to sue the student and the newspaper?" Especially if he's simply seeking an apology.

But for Drezner, Scaramucci's resignation won't be a huge blow, considering that "he has neither attended an advisory board meeting nor given a single dollar to the school" since being appointed to the board.

The university confirmed Scaramucci's decision in a statement, saying, "This morning, Anthony Scaramucci informed The Fletcher School that he is resigning his position on the school’s Board of Advisors, effective immediately. We thank Mr. Scaramucci for his past service to Tufts and wish him well."

The ACLU, as well as Tufts University, claim they are currently advising Caballero over the threatened lawsuit.

On Twitter, people couldn't help but note that Scaramucci has lost yet another job:

It looks like Tufts is going to have to think a bit more critically about who it appoints moving forward:

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