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Ann Coulter Slammed After Tweeting That She Wants Kenosha Shooter 'As My President'

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Conservative pundit and provocateur Ann Coulter once again drew Twitter's ire on Wednesday, August 26, when she wished 17-year-old shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, who just killed two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was her President.

Coulter's post was removed from Twitter shortly thereafter, but not before it had been screen captured and shared widely.

Many suspected the entire point of Coulter's tweet was to enrage liberals, who usually take a pretty dim view of murder.

Violence should never be celebrated, especially when it needlessly takes innocent lives.

Though Coulter's tweet fit right into her usual pattern of behavior, people still found her support for an arrested murderer shocking.

Many on Twitter reported Coulter's tweet, which may have been what lead to its removal.

With a gun violence epidemic continuing to affect America, shooters should be denounced by public figures like Coulter, not encouraged with kind words.