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Fans Step Up To Defend Andy Cohen After He Was Secretly Recorded Getting Intimate At Pride

Fans were outraged after someone posted a video of the 'Watch What Happens Live' host with a man sitting on his lap at a bar during Pride.

Andy Cohen
Slaven Vlasic/FilmMagic/GettyImages

A TikToker was slammed for covertly filming a video of openly gay Bravo host Andy Cohen getting sensually intimate with other gay men at a gay bar during Pride and then posting the footage on the internet.

According to Page Six, the secret footage showed Cohen talking to a man at a gay club while also rubbing the chest of another man who was shirtless and seated on his lap.

Pop culture podcaster Kempire shared the footage making the rounds on the internet with a caption that read:

"Andy Cohen getting touchy feely."

The podcaster played the leaked clip and shamed the 55-year-old talk show host for enjoying a night out at Pride with other gay men who appeared to be consenting to his company in a safe space.

Kempire—while making judgmental expressions as the footage played behind him—quipped:

"I know someone who's having a very happy, happy pride here in New York City, and that is Bravo's Andy Cohen."

Many fans didn't see the problem with Cohen engaging in PDA with other consenting male adults at a gay club.

They defended Cohen from the resentful shamer.

Even users who generally aren't fans of Cohen still objected to Kempire's violating an unspoken code of common decency and not respecting the privacy of others.

Twitter users continued calling out Kempire for his fixation on the celebrity.

Enough with the hate. It's Pride Month.

Let's choose to celebrate love and mind our own business.