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Twitter Users Are Writing 'Am I The A**hole' Posts From The Perspective Of Their Cats—And It's Everything

Twitter Users Are Writing 'Am I The A**hole' Posts From The Perspective Of Their Cats—And It's Everything
Bogdan Farca on Unsplash; @elle_em/Twitter

There's something the internet has been known for since its inception.

Cat content.

Yes, there's that other thing too, but this isn't that kind of article.

From the earliest days of the world-wide web, cat videos, memes, photos and websites have spawned so much content that even the craziest cat lady most dedicated feline enthusiast couldn't consume it all.

But the internet is also great for another distinct brand of content.

Still not talking about that other thing that launched streaming and tanked an entire home video production industry. Seriously, this isn't that kind of article.

We're talking about personal drama.

Whether it's people airing their dirty laundry on social media or petty squabbles on neighborhood apps, there's plenty of drama for public consumption. And we love it.

That's why one of the most popular subReddits is AITA or "Am I The A**hole."

AITA allows people to anonymously confess their transgressions and ask for moral judgment from complete strangers.

Now what if we could combine those two internet obsessions?

Twitterdenizen Elle Em did just that when they posted an unusual request on the platform. United States expat Elle—who according to their bio created an accidental cat refuge in Spain—asked folks to brighten their bad day with AITA style scenarios written from the perspective of cats complete with photos.

Elle Em asked and the internet answered.

AITA has it's own style and acronyms.

People add their stories and identify their vital stats with their age and gender, like so:

"I (14M) went..."

14M means the person—or cat—is a 14-year-old male.

People weigh in on whether the poster is the a**hole by using one of four acronyms:

  • NTA - Not The A**hole
  • YTA - You're The A**hole
  • NAH - No A**holes Here
  • ESH - Everyone Sucks Here

Some people also used the catspeak—poor spelling and grammar—made famous on the meme websiteI CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER to share their cats' indiscretions.


It began with some of Elle's own fuzzy feline friends.

Elle confessed she takes care of cats that are both NTA and YTA.

Others joined in, sharing their cats' crimes.

The humans probably thought their cats earned a YTA.

Cats have no concept of personal space.

Or respect for other people's property.

But humans don't understand feline dietary needs.

The cats are pretty sure they deserve a NTA vote.

Apparently humans make horrible roommates.

Humans are so fragile!

And don't know how to share!

And "Zoom" is what cats do at 4am, not talking to a picture box.

But then, there are instances where ESH.

A foot in the mouth to wake you up is not great.

But does it justify this?

Oh, the humanity!

You can learn more about Elle Em's cats and help out by visiting their link here.

You can also follow them on Twitter to see their latest cat happenings.

Housecats have the distinction of being the only pet researchers and scientists determined domesticated itself.

While early humans trapped and kept canines as companions, cats saw free food and shelter and moved themselves in.

No wonder cats—unlike dogs—regard humans more as roomates with useful opposable thumbs rather than lord and master.


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