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AirBnB Host Shames Guest With Angry Note After He Doesn't Shower Before Going To Sleep

AirBnB Host Shames Guest With Angry Note After He Doesn't Shower Before Going To Sleep

The "share economy" comes with lots of positives and negatives.

On one hand, we get access to cheaper services by people sharing what they already have.

On the other hand, the people sharing their services impose their own rules on how you use their service. And sometimes those rules might not be spelled out for you.

We go back today to our favorite Reddit board, "AITA". For those not in the know, AITA stands for "Am I The A--hole?"

People give their opinion on the matter with these abbreviations:

NTA – Not the a--hole
YTA – You're the a--hole
INFO – Need more information

Let's begin.

jfgindigital3d / Reddit

Reddit user jfgindigital3d explains his first AirBnB trip. At a bedroom he stayed in on a trip to New York, he was so exhausted after his plane flight, he fell right to sleep in bed upon arrival.

When he wakes, he finds a handwritten note slipped under his door. The note was from his host who explained she was upset that he went to bed without showering.

This wasn't a simple note either. It was pretty long, and implied that this is "standard etiquette" when staying through AirBnB.

However, there is no guide about specific hygiene routines on the AirBnB website.

Which brings us to our question of the day.

Is jfgindigital3d the jerk in this situation?

Overwhelmingly, Reddit said no.

"Nta. If she washes her sheets (which we've got hope she does) this is a non issue. Short of riding in a cargo hold with a shipment of seafood, I can't imagine your plane ride made you smell so bad that she can't wash it out. Writing a long passive aggressive letter is just uncalled for." - Meggs_And_Toast
"NTA NTA NTA SHE TA She is renting out her room to strangers. She needs to get guests sheets and pillows. I think SHE needs to read the AirBNB rules. Report her." - lkvwfurry
"NTA was your host not planning on washing the bedding between guests?" - ordinaryhorse
"NTA. Even if you smelled truly awful, she shouldn't be renting out her room if she wants to dictate how others spend their time. What if you had a medical condition that gave you awful, constant farts? Would she complain then? Smelly people happen. Don't rent a room if you can't handle the guests." - CleverNameIsClever

A lot of the responses brought up that all the host has to do is clean her sheets after the trip. Which is something she should be doing anyway.

If you're renting out your room, you should probably expect a certain level of control is being given up.

That's not to say you have to expect your guest to trash your home, but you expected them to shower before bed, when they had a long flight and may be a morning shower person.

However, there is a variable that changes things and that is just how much our protagonist smelled.

"INFO That depends how strong you smelled bro. If you stank like a skunk, I wouldn't appreciate it either!" - nachojames
"hmm, this seems impossible to judge because we have no way of knowing just how funky you were. Normal, after flight funky? NTA. Unusually terrible BO? Maybe YTA." - jeffsang
"INFO: Just how bad did you smell?" - TragedyPornFamilyVid
"YTA. The host wasn't being very tactful either but really being so disrespectful of your host's property means you suck so much more here" - SpaceCatSociety

Honestly, there is a level of smell that would make you the jerk. But it would have to be extreme, like enough that it lingers even if you wash the sheets.

I'm not saying it isn't possible jfgindigital3d couldn't have been this stinky, but it's unlikely he was and that he wasn't aware.

After it's all said and done, jfgindigital3d is a good sport.

While he was nervous at the time, he now looks back on the scenario and laughs.

"Did anyone else laugh at the note" - BluGirl1106
"I do now. I was really freaked out when I got it, but am now just amused that she took the time to sit down and write this." - jfgindigital3d
"NTA. She and her "room" are unsuitable for air bnb and she is dumb AF. I hope you kept the note." - warhorse888
"Of course. It's rare to get a handwritten letter in this age, so in a way it's quite a retro reminder of my time in NY." - jfgindigital3d

So what did we learn today gang? Always keep a separate set of sheets if you plan to rent out your room? Speak up if you think someone who is going to sleep in your bed smells?

Personally, I've learned to be even more self-conscious about the possibility that I stink and no one will tell me until it's too late.